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Our Favorite Pick Up Lines to Fuck?

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One of the biggest myths if you’re trying to look for a girl from a fuckbook site or from social media sites like tiktok for fuck is that you must know a lot of good pick up lines to get her on the bed. This could be farther from the truth. If you like to throw or use some tried and tested pick up lines, you have to be very careful as if you say them incorrectly, you will look like a fool. In this guide, I will show you some of the best pickup lines that can lead to fuck and how to say them naturally.

Best Pick Up Lines that Lead to a Fuck

What’s an attractive girl like you doing in my dirty mind?

Sexual tension is an aspect or feature of people’s personalities that is often rebuffed but still wished for. Do you know how to make someone want something? Tell her that she cannot have it. Never let it go altogether; however, keep it only impracticable. It is proven that when your wish and longing for something is aggravated, you want it further always. The closer a person gets to it without having it, the further the longing grows.

I find your lack of nakedness troubling.

Let us consider the roller coaster for a moment. You need to have a ride, although if you are scared of it and it is not due to the drops, turns, and loops, the stress develops at the start. The development of your expectation that makes the whole thing pleasing and satisfying afterward.

If guys are likely to say it most often when finding sluts, consider the thrill and excitement of the hunt, they mean the sense of inevitability which gradually grows and makes the endpoint very desirable. That is, you have to know the right way of using these pick up lines, and it makes the woman feel like taking you for granted; stop and step back, tell her that it was just a joke, and both of you will laugh. Afterward, you can begin developing the sexual tension once more.

Kissing is a language of love. Is it OK if you start a conversation with me?

The whole thing we talked about is a key to the pleasing and enviable process of a gradual build-up as well as the release. It is a game which you must play with a woman you want, pull her in and then push her away. Start to make tension with this pick up line, and then cut it off with a joke. This can lead on hook up on your first date also.

Can we take a picture together so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas?

You have to continue pushing for too long, regardless of flirting or physical contact, and you will go to redline- you’ll overcome her, or you creep the lady out. Either way, you need to tough the reset button rather than having an evening of passion with a stunning lady. You wish to have a takeaway to keep the whole thing off balance as well as pull the pressure back if you are able to.

Your lips look very beautiful and yummy. Can I Taste It?

A takeaway also assists you by making a vacuum. The lady will become aware of the absence of pressure and will like to fill it. Push and pull back. The feeling that you have almost got something as well as the uncertainty of it all can develop the whole sexual tension and longing towards resolution.

Hey, was it you who invited all these people? Because I thought it was going to be only you and me!

The most vital part of creating sexual tension is eye contact, and it can be extremely intimate if followed by a dirty pick up line. Your eye is the most expensive portion of your body, and still, a lot undervalue the worth of eye contact when it comes to flirting. And as they always say, girls are horny as guys.

Your eye can assist you and lend sexual subtext when you are worried about saying something. For instance, do you recall that the triangle stare is an avenue of telling if a girl is interested in kissing you? Therefore, you are able to utilize it after throwing the pickup line to motivate dirty thoughts. Gaze at her lips and from one eye to another and go back to her lips as it’s always a perfect move.

I’m not a photographer, but I can picture us together.

Think of an angry-looking big man walking up to you, looking for some time, and saying, are you attempting to hit on me? Would you be able to reply calmly and smartly? Many men would not.

Let’s think of a sexy and hot lady in a bright dress walking right to you; stop and say in a warm and sexy tone, do you like me? Would you be able not to miss a beat, keep in control as well as come with her to the bed? Many guys would drop the ball as well as shuffle over their words.

What is want to say is that prior to trying to make sexual tension, it is vital that you are aware of how to handle and control it. It means no flinching when unusual conditions thrust them upon you. And there are vital points when it comes to this matter:

I Want a map because I’m getting lost in your eyes.

You would not get experience sitting on your sofa and waiting; the sole way is to try again and again to approach a lady. That is field experience, and it is vital that you meet as many ladies as possible and make a couple of errors.


With no experience, you are not able to acquire the conditioning, and this is a vital part of growing. On the other hand, you can begin working on the first point of the experience now. With these pickup lines, you will surely become successful in finding a girl fuckbuddy to fuck.

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