Should you hook up on Should you hook up on the first date?

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The ‘third date rule,’ as most people know it, is a tradition when dating anyone.

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It is supposed to enforce traditional values, particularly for women, but it is often masked as ‘playing hard to get.’

However, People’s attitudes toward sex and dating have shifted dramatically in recent years. With technology making our lives simpler, social interaction and dating have become better than ever. People can now have casual experiences whenever they want. They can just log in and start tapping the screen to find a prospect date from many fuck apps available in the market. There are even studies supporting that sex on the first date attribute to longer-lasting relationships.

So, do you think hooking up on the first date is entirely acceptable? Many people certainly think so! As with many things, it will be mainly determined by many factors and your general feeling towards the person you’re dating. To help you weigh in better on this, here are four reasons first-date hookups are totally fine.

Sex is ingrained in our DNA

Humans, as social beings, need sex. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs also categorizes it as a physiological necessity. As a result, there is no shame in simply wanting it. What’s stopping you if there’s mutual desire and both parties agree to it?

Sometimes it’s best to just let nature run its course if that means you are ending up in bed with this girl you’re dating. Remember, dating is a social activity that’s supposed to be FUN!

It eliminates beating around the bush and unwanted drama

People who pretend that sex isn’t a motivator for dating can come across as hypocritical. Although this may be true for some people, integrity and transparency are needed for all parties to enjoy dating. Simply put, if sex is part of the deal and you both want it, then do it.

Sex is fun. Period.

Sex is a pleasurable experience that everybody should get to have as much as they want. It has many advantages for both mental and physical wellbeing. And, when the sex is good, it will improve your self-esteem and current mood. Think about this: if you and your date don’t end up in a relationship, but the sex is still great, you can find a fuck buddy in them, which is another win! You’ll be surprised to find out that there are some girls who are as horny as guys and want some action just like you! Always remember to practice safe sex at all times, especially if you want to remain casual.

It’s a great indicator if you’re both compatible in bed

Some people may argue—especially the prude ones—that getting to know someone first is very important before sleeping with them. It’s because many women don’t want to be labeled as ‘sluts,’ and men don’t want to be called out for just wanting sex.

The thing is, shouldn’t it be equally important to know how they behave in the bedroom? After all, people have different feelings and behaviors toward sex. Finding out early if your attitudes on sex match are essential to save you from an awkward situation that will end in regret. While sex shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all for relationships, it would still play a crucial factor in most relationships.

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