What Colored Panties Mean for Girls

Most guys know two things about panties. The first is that they hide the goodies, and the second is that they need to be taken off. However, as much as men may not acknowledge it, panties are made to provide the same kind of protection that male underwear does to men.

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Of course, there are sexier variations that don't do much protecting, but that's another conversation.

girl wearing black panties

As you know, panties are available in numerous colors. What you may not know is that each color has a meaning. If a woman knows that she is meeting up with a man who is likely to see her panties, you can best believe that the situation has some bearing on which look and which color she chooses. So, here are some of the most popular colors and what they mean.

First, there is the color red. Red panties tend to imply a sense of seduction and lust. There is almost an audible cry for steamy and passionate sex. Black panties have a more fundamental meaning, as they imply sex through and through. There is not necessarily a preference, once some form of sex happens. This is a good thing since black panties tend to look super sexy anyways.

Pink panties are used for flirtation. There are not necessarily sexual implications, but she wants to do something. If you see white panties, you may want to think twice about going in for the kill, as they tend to symbolize insecurity and innocence.

Purple panties are next on the list, and there is usually a sense of craziness our perkiness attached to women who wear them. Be careful, but prepare to have fun. Women who wear yellow panties are in a select category. The color is one that symbolizes a strong sense of self. This is often to the point of being self-centered, so don't be surprised if she thinks the whole world revolves around her.

Brown panties should be avoided in most cases. It usually means that the female is feeling either depressed or unwell. Pay attention to patterns too, such as polka dots, stripes, and stars that imply fun, spontaneity, and amazement, respectively. Lacy panties also convey seduction.

Finally, there is the favorite of men around the world, which is none. If a girl wants you to notice that she's not wearing any panties, it's almost a license for sex.


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